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We have been successful in the carpet cleaning industry since 1977 and over the years we have learned a few things about carpet cleaning and water damage restoration. We hope these articles and tips help.


Thanksgiving Carpet Stain Removal


Thanksgiving Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Over the decades we have seen some pretty difficult carpet stains and would like to share some of our Thanksgiving holiday carpet stain removal secrets.


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Professional Carpet Cleaning


How to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning

We have some simple tips to help prepare your home or business for your professional carpet cleaning.


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    Stain Removal Tips


9 Little Known Carpet Stain Removal Tips

We have put together a helpful list of techniques for removing really difficult stains from carpeting, our 9 little know secrets for carpet spot and stain removal.


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We hope these tips and tricks help give you the best carpet cleaning experience possible. If you have any questions about professional carpet cleaning please call us at 248-542-3636.