How to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning


If you are planning on having your carpet professionally cleaned and would like to be prepared for the carpet cleaners arrival, we have some simple steps to aid the process of your professional cleaning.


Capital Carpet can handle many special requests or situations, so let us know if you need anything and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Steps to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaner
  1. We use truck mounted steam cleaning equipment with a high power vacuum that will remove 90% of the moisture from your cleaned carpet. Our truck will need to be parked within 50-75 feet from the entrance to your home or office. Our carpet cleaning trucks have separate tanks for clean water and waste water.

  3. Please remove any delicate or breakable items from large furniture that may need to be moved. Also any small or lightweight furniture can be relocated to another area.

  5. If you have a vacuum, it's a good idea to light vacuum the area to be cleaned.

  7. If you have any special concerns with your carpet or any areas with an odor please make sure to show our technician.

  9. Make sure your pets are safe and secure. Our equipment can make some pets anxious and we may need to have a door ajar for the cleaning equipment to connect to our truck.

After your carpet has been cleaned you can walk on the damp carpet with clean shoes or slippers, because 90% of the moisture has been removed it will dry quickly. Do not place any wood or metal on the carpet until it is completely dry. Also, do not remove our blocks or tabs under your furniture until the carpet is dry.


We are able to clean your carpet regardless of the temperature or weather outside.


We hope these preparation tips help give you the best carpet cleaning experience possible. If you have any questions about professional carpet cleaning please call us at 248-542-3636.