Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning in Royal Oak, Michigan


Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning


When it comes to maintaining the beauty and longevity of your carpets and area rugs, there is no substitute for expertise. Capital Carpet is the premier carpet and area rug cleaning service in Royal Oak. With over 45 years of devoted service and a legacy dating back to 1977, we are proud to offer every Royal Oak, Michigan resident unmatched cleaning quality. We take great pride in offering an exceptional level of cleaning service to all the residents of Royal Oak, Michigan. We work hard to insure that their area rugs and carpets will remain in pristine condition.


Why Choose Capital Carpet in Royal Oak?


Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning


Your carpet is an investment in comfort and design, it is more than just a floor covering. At Capital Carpet, we use the latest equipment and eco friendly cleaning agents to ensure a thorough and comprehensive clean. This method effectively eliminates the dirt, allergens, and pollutants that become embedded in the carpet fibers over time. Our meticulous approach extends the life of your carpet and promotes a healthier living environment, in addition to restoring its appearance and texture. When you choose Capital Carpet your eyes and feet will enjoy the cleanliness of your carpet.


Area Rug Cleaning


Frequently, area rugs are the focal point of a room, reflecting your personal style. Whether it is a cherished family heirloom, a delicate Oriental rug, or a modern piece, each rug has its own maintenance requirements. Our experts at Capital Carpet are familiar with the nuances of various rug materials and styles. To restore its appearance without compromising its integrity, we use specialized cleaning procedures. By treating each rug as a unique work of art, we guarantee that its patterns and hues will remain vibrant and intact. Rely on our knowledge to bring out the best in your treasured area rugs.




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Carpet Cleaning Van


The Royal Oak Community is Our Family


Capital Carpet is not just a service provider, we are an integral part of the Royal Oak community. We have witnessed the evolution of this magnificent city over the years, and its residents have always been central to our operations. Your confidence in our services has fueled our pursuit of excellence.


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Capital Carpet uses its years of experience, certified abilities, and genuine dedication to ensure that every Royal Oak resident receives the finest carpet and area rug cleaning possible. Are you ready for a clearer, more sanitary living space? Contact us today to schedule your next Royal Oak, Michigan carpet or area rug cleaning. Experience the difference Capital Carpet makes!