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Area Rug Cleaning

Do you have an area rug in need of a good cleaning and are looking for area rug cleaning services in Warren, Michigan?

Capital Carpet has provided quality area rug cleaning in Warren, Michigan since 1977. We can clean your rug on site or for a deep clean we have our in plant rug cleaning service. We offer rug pick up and delivery service or you can drop off your rug at our facilities.


Has your oriental or Persian rug become stained or soiled and requires a professional cleaning?

Capital Carpet has the experience and equipment to clean oriental and Persian rugs with excellent results. We clean cotton, wool, or silk area rugs with the proper care required. We also offer fringe cleaning services.


Capital Carpet has an in plant rug cleaning service to give your area rug a deep clean. We have a cleaning process for any type of rug including factory make or delicate hand woven rugs. Our in plant service in a complete clean, not just a surface wash. If you have a delicate or worn rug we have a special hand cleaning service. Our technicians will hand wash and rinse your fragile rug with care.


We sell area rug padding that can be custom cut to fit your exact rug size.


Area Rug Cleaning Services


Common Area Rug Cleaning Questions


What types of area rugs can Capital Carpet clean?

Area rug cleaning is Capital Carpet's specialty. We clean Persian and Oriental carpets in addition to many other types. Our knowledgeable experts guarantee that every rug receives the best care possible, maintaining its beauty and prolonging its life. We are trained in the most current cleaning methods.


Can you clean area rugs at my home or do they need to be taken to your facility?

We've created our convenient pickup and delivery service to simplify the rug cleaning procedure for our clients. Our crew will visit your house or place of business after you make an appointment. We will pick up the rug and deliver it back to you after cleaning. We offer this service to commercial and residential customers.


How does Capital Carpet ensure the safety of my area rug during the cleaning process?

We recommend our in plant cleaning for fragile and antique rugs, such as Persian and Oriental rugs. This alows our experts to provide the most thoural cleaning possible. We will use careful hand cleaning and rinsing procedures to ensure your area rug is not damaged.


What additional rug services does Capital Carpet provide?

We offer several different services to help maintain your area rugs. These services cover fringe cleaning, spot and stain removal, minor repairs, optional bleaching, deodorizing, sanitizing, and ozone therapy. We also offer custom cut non skid or no slip padding to help extend the life and safety of your rug.


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If you are in Warren, Michigan and looking for quality area rug cleaning services call Capital Carpet today. We are experts in the handling and cleaning of fine hand woven rugs as well as factory made area rugs. For your convenience we offer pick up and drop off services.