Area Rug Cleaning Troy Michigan


Area Rug Cleaning

Are you in Troy, Michigan and looking for a professional area rug cleaning service?

Capital Carpet had decades of experience cleaning area rugs. Our technicians can clean your rugs in your home or business or we can give them a deep clean with our in plant rug cleaning service. You can drop your rug off at out facility or we can provide a pick up and delivery service.


Is your oriental or Persian rug in need of a good professional cleaning?

Capital Carpet has been in the carpet and rug cleaning industry since 1977. We know how to properly clean any type of area rug, including delicate hand woven oriental and Persian rugs. Our technicians can carefully clean your rug to remove soil and stains. We understand how to clean different materials including cotton, wool, and silk. We also offer fringe cleaning services.


Capital Carpet is able to clean a rug in your home or business, but we can give it a thorough cleaning with our in plant cleaning process. Our in plant cleaning service provides a deep clean and not just a surface wash. We will use different cleaning methods depending on the type of rug and the materials it's make of. If you have a delicate or worn rug we have a hand cleaning process to insure a careful cleaning. We will hand wash and rinse your rug to get a deep clean without any damage.


Capital Carpet offers area rug padding, our technicians can custom cut the padding to fit your rug shape and size.


Area Rug Cleaning Services


If you are looking for high quality area rug cleaning in Troy, Michigan for any type of rug, call Capital Carpet today. We have decades of experience in the cleaning of fine hand woven rugs. We offer pick up and drop off service if you are not able to visit our facility.