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Area Rug Cleaning Detroit Michigan


Area Rug Cleaning

Are you searching for area rug cleaning in Detroit, Michigan?

Capital Carpet provides both on site and in plant area rug cleaning services. We offer pick up and delivery service for area rug cleaning or you can drop off your rug at our plant.


Do you have an oriental or Persian rug in need of professional cleaning?

Capital Carpet has decades of experience with the specific care and cleaning of hand made oriental and Persian rugs. We can care for your wool, silk, or cotton rug and provide excellent cleaning results. Our services include fringe cleaning.


Capital Carpet's in plant area rug cleaning service provides excellent cleaning results for any type of rug including delicate hand-woven rugs. Our process is a complete clean not just a surface wash. We also have a hand cleaning service specifically designed for delicate or worn rugs. We will hand wash and rinse your rug with expert care.


We also carry area rug padding. Our technicians can cut the padding to fit your rug size.


Area Rug Cleaning Services


For excellent results with area rug cleaning in Detroit, Michigan call the experts at Capital Carpet today. We can clean your area rugs in your home or business or for deep cleaning we offer in plant area rug cleaning services. We can pick up and drop off your rugs as well.